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flexible for flipping, strong for chopping and sits up off your bench

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Chopula Flexible HeadDreamfarm Black Chopula Countertop
Dreamfarm Red ChopulaDreamfarm Metal Chopula




Multi-curved head design allows you to scrape every corner of any pan, without scratching non-stick cookware.

Keep benches or counter tops clean and food hygienic thanks to the clever bend in Chopula's handle which holds the head up and off your bench.
Chopula's unique head shape lets you chop food in a hot pan while keeping your hand up and away from the heat.

Flexible large head slides easily under food for  clean lift or flip that keeps even fragile food in one place.


11.6" Long



Dishwasher Safe



Non-stick safe nylon heat resistant to 480 deg. F


Colored Red & Black   $11.95
Steel    $15.95




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Explore  Our Dreamfarm Catalog for more Dreamfarm products


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