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chop on both sides of your cutting boards


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Chobs by Dreamfarm


Dreamfarm chobs - color coded feet so you can chop on both sides of cutting board


Set of 4 reversible red(meat) green(veggies) silicone feet for your cutting boards


Chobs lift up cutting board so you can flip and use other side and they make board non-slip.Chobs are very effective in your kitchen's prep area


Chobs raise your chopping board so you can use both sides of one board, leaving you less to wash up and your counter tops clean.

Colored icons let you know which side of your board to use for meat or vegetables, keeping surfaces hygenic and preventing cross-contamination.

Chobs expand to fit onto almost any thickness of chopping board.

Chobs grip to make any chopping board non-slip.

Dishwasher safe. Premium-grade silicone is heat resistant to 500 deg. F.

Diameter .98" per Chob.


$11.95 per set of 4


Quantity On Hand   5


Subject to prior selling out


SPECIAL $10.75 






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