Baked Russet Potato with Fresh-Cut Chives and Chive Blossoms



Specialtgy Food America Baked Russet Potato




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Herb Garden at Specialty Food America inspired by the herb garden at the National Arboretum in Washington. 

This garden is the centerpiece of the gardens at Specialty Food America. As the season progresses we will highlight various herbs in culinary applications.

Spring Culinary Chive Blossoming

These chive flowers are a beautiful early spring highlight in our garden. Mix with butter for a yummy chive-butter, sprinkle on your salad or soup gives them a fresh look that says "SPRING".

Baked Potato with cuts allowing steam to escape. Rubbed with olive oil  and covered with sea salt.


We coated this potato with Lucini Olive Oil and then applied Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt. We ground the salt to a medium grind for a better covering. You can use sea salt or any flavored sea salt of your own tasty persuasion. Don't forget to allow steam to escape by cutting into the potato or piercing on top and bottom.


Baked Russet Potato with Fresh Cut Chives and Chive Blossoms

The beauty of this baked russet potato is obvious with early Spring fresh chopped chives and the tender, lacy and lightly flavorful chive blossoms. Beautiful to look at . .  great to eat!

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