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Artisan Breads, Delicious Sandwiches,
Baked Goods & Catering

114 -118 South 2nd Street
Paducah, Kentucky 42001-0788





This beautiful location down by the waterfront is a great destination for a morning coffee and pastry.




There is something great going on in Paducah, Kentucky when a family makes the decision to reopen  a family business begun in 1873 that had been shuttered for 40 years.  There is also something great going on in the family that came to that decision.


Paducah was not unlike many cities across the nation with shopping centers on their fringes sapping the downtown of their economic life. Buildings were either empty or destined to be used as some low-end use parcel. This trend appears to have bottomed out through the considerable effort of many individuals and organizations. The one most frequently mentioned is "Main Street". This self-help group is an offshoot of the Kentucky Heritage Council which is the result of the National Trust For Historic Preservation. With it's "Graduate Level" designation and it's commitment to the model program it has created, Main Street is finding success in attracting new entrepreneurial ownership in Paducah's downtown real estate.



With expanding riverboat traffic, busy restaurants and walk-in
business, there is a ready market for bread products.



Kirchhoff's Bakery & Deli is one of the wonderful additions to the evolving mix of retail offerings in Downtown Paducah. This bakery actually began in 1873 at the hands of Franz & Hannah Kirchhoff, new immigrants from Germany. After selling groceries to the river traffic from the banks of the Ohio River they opened the bakery and from that point became one of the largest regional bakeries. In 1952 a disastrous fire ended the family's involvement in the business.




Louis Kirchhoff, Jr



In August, 1996 the family of Louis Kirchhoff, JR acted on the suggestion of Louis's son Reece that they buy the old property back from the city and reopen Kirchhoff's Bakery. Ginny Kirchhoff  graduated from Centre College in Danville, KY,  and graduated from Sullivan College's Professional Baker Program located in Louisville, KY. This mixture of professional training combined with a legacy from her great-great-great grandparents has resulted in a wonderfully tuned bakery that produces a wide range of delectable products that would please the most discriminating customer. She at 23 began her ownership of the bakery, the same age her great-great-great grandfather was when he started the business! 


Josh Ryan of Paducah is a new partner in the bakery.









While Ginny's father is a retired civil engineer he has been involved in the reconstruction of the buildings and the considerable number of details in the opening of this enterprise. As a youngster he was involved in the bakery hauling 100 # bags of various flours to be mixed for the operation. Today they have chosen King Arthur Flours  as their flour source. They point with considerable pride to the "Polin" Hearth Oven from Verona, Italy, to the glazed white bricks on the walls and the beautifully rehabbed concrete floors.




This Kirchhoff Bakery delivery truck is now plying the streets and waterfront of

Paducah loaded with goods from  this wonderful bakery.  







View Towards Front Windows Overlooking Street



View Back Towards Kitchen








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