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Culinary Institute of America Grand Opening at The Pearl in San Antonio Texas

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With architectural sensitivity in the transformation of the old historic Pearl Brewing Company to a modern day collection of unique lifestyle businesses the third campus of the Culinary Institute of America(CIA) is a natural fit.

Included in this vision held by Christopher "Kit" Goldsbury was a new home for the CIA and funding for scholarships. Goldsbury,  a San Antonio entrepreneur and philanthropist, presented the CIA with a 35 million dollar gift - the largest-ever gift in private culinary education. His belief is that with 25% to 75% of kitchen and restaurant workers being of Latino origin it was necessary to provide them with the necessary education to rise to positions of leadership and ownership in restaurants and hospitality businesses. He also believes that Latin American cuisines need to be elevated  to world status. His firm conviction and perseverance brought about CIA's third campus located in San Antonio. Thank you Mr. Goldsbury!

The facilities of the new CIA Campus, also known as El Sueño, are definitely world-class. Various culinary arts certifications are now available and additional studies will be added. Completion of longer degree requirements are available by additional studies at their Hyde Park campus or Greystone campus.

The CIA is vitally concerned about the discovery and preservation of traditional cooking methods throughout the hemisphere.  The college currently employs two full-time chief researchers in its Center for Foods of the Americas.

Please access the various slideshows with additional information taken during the Grand Opening Festivities.


Grand opening Culinary Institute of America San Antonio Texas 


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