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Blomus - For the Pure Life



BLOMUS - Black Coaster  /  Potholder   #68736

Silicone with Stainless Decorating



Foldable Trivet   Black - 68732, Assorted Colors Available

Blomus Foldable Trivet Assorted Colors
colors special order


AnySharp - the World's Best Knife Sharpener now available at Specialty Food America

Award Winning
Powerful Suction
Great Design

Dreamfarm Logo


Dreamfarm of Australia


Unbelievable Kitchen Products So Logically Designed



Chopula - A chopper and a spatula by Dreamfarm

Chopula by Dreamfarm. BlackChopula Fire Truck Red Full Image

Dreamfarm Metal Chopula
Chopula Black Resting on Support

Scizza  A pizza scissor that cuts pizza,  pie dough and fabric!

Scizza by Dreamfarm - Pizza Cutter

Cutting pizza with a Dreamfarm scizza

Supoon -by Dreamfarm

Supoon - Heat resistant to 500 deg. F.

 Spoon is heat resistant to 500 deg. F. and is designed to scoop, measure, scrape a bowl clean and it sits up off your work area. Yeah!!

Supoon - Stands off counter work area help[ing to keep it clean while cooking

We have two colors: Fire Truck Red and Black

Chobs - Chopping Board Feet by Dreamfarm

Chobs - Set of 4 Red for Meat - Green for Veggies to secure cutting board by Dreamfarm

To raise board for both-side use  and to make non-slip

Chobs set of 4 feet to raise and secure cutting board

Set of 4 Reversible Red(Meat) Green(Veggies) Feet for Cutting Boards

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